Office/ Centres Cleaning Services in Singapore

Our office/ centres cleaning is suitable for various commercial spaces, which includes offices, learning/childcare centres, showrooms and others. You can hire our helpers at fixed regular timing on weekly basis. Contact us to get more information!


 Our Monthly Packages

  1. Client to provide all cleaning tools and supplies
  2. Fee is fixed monthly, irregardless of the number of days/weeks in a month
  3. No refund during public holidays
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Once Weekly   

  • 4 times x 3hrs = $276
  • 4 times x 4hrs = $320

Twice Weekly  

  • 8 times x 3hrs = $552
  • 8 times x 4hrs = $640

Thrice Weekly

  • 12 times x 3hrs = $828
  • 12 times x 4hrs = 960

Scope of Work

Due to safety, privacy and other reasons, these are our scope of services. Please read them carefully before making any booking.

Office Cleaning.jpeg

✓Sweep/vacuum all carpeted areas
✓Mop all tiled areas
✓Dust exterior of all furniture
✓Clear wastepaper baskets
✓Clean all bathrooms (if any)
✓Clean pantry area (if any)
✓Wash cups, plates (if any)
✓Wipe all glass panels and doors
✓Clean interior of all windows
✓General cleaning of all rooms/ meeting rooms



Do understand that we reserve the right to turn down service if there are unforeseen circumstances that may make our helpers uncomfortable or put them in harm’s way. As much as we would like to please every one of our customers, our helper’s well-being is of utmost priority and we sincerely apologize if we are not able to service you due to unforeseen reason that are not mentioned above.

Booking Cancellation Policy

By proceeding with the booking, you are agreeable that there is no refund for cancellation or postponing of bookings within a 48hr time period from the scheduled session. 

However, we do understand that last minute events may cause changes in our schedule from time to time. In any event that you are not able to adhere to the scheduled appointment, you can amend your booking via the confirmation email that we sent during your booking process.

If you do face any other issues, feel free to write to us at or contact us via the contact form on our website. Our friendly staff will get back to you within 1 working day.

Cleaning equipments to prepare


Singapore one time cleaning service

Please prepare all required cleaning equipments and tools for the cleaning. Below are some of the more important tools you may need.

  • detergent
  • trash bags
  • scouring pads & sponges
  • vacuum & mop OR dry&wet mop
  • buckets/ pails
  • microfiber cloth/rags (for hygiene purposes, we recommend at least for 3-4 rags for each area)
  • ladder