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Customer s Tips in Choosing a Part Time Cleaner

Hiring a part time cleaner Singapore is probably the best thing that you can do to your home and for yourself as well. Imagine, it is very difficult to clean your own home, not to mention the amount of time that you’ll consume doing what you don’t want to do. Nonetheless, cleaning your home is necessary. If not cleaned regularly, your home might end up smelling foul and looking bad and old. Good thing, it is just now normal to hire a part time helper Singapore that will clean your house for you, including every nook and cranny that needs wiping, brushing, and scrubbing; leaving your homes clean and fresh every time. This article will help you decide which company to choose and what kind of services to avail. At the end of this article, you will be able to understand the Dos and Don’ts of hiring a part time cleaner Singapore.


Choosing a Part Time Cleaner Singapore

Lots of part time helper Singapore are available now. However, you must make sure that you are hiring only the best, trustworthy, and efficient. You wouldn’t want a part-time cleaner Singapore who is not well-trained or does not have the proper documentation to prove that they are legal and have no criminal records for that matter.


Here are some tips to a smooth transaction with a part-time cleaner Singapore:


1.      Inquire to several cleaner providers before choosing. It is best to “interview” a number of companies that can provide you a part time helper Singapore. Ask for references  so that you can check the company’s background or you can read reviews if available online. Keep in mind that you need to find them trustworthy since the part-time helper Singapore will have access to your house.

2.      Ask questions. The key to learning more about your prospective part-time helper Singapore is to ask a few, or as many questions as you want. You may ask about cleaning equipment, who will bring the cleaning solutions, what cleaning solvents to be used and are they hypo-allergenic. In case someone in your home has allergies or is allergic to certain cleaning substance, discuss it with the cleaner.

3.      Request a formal quotation. A formal quotation may help you understand the work that will be done to correspond with the price.

4.      Find out their rates for specific residence types. The part time cleaner Singapore may have different rates for the specific type of residence that you have. For instance, apartments and condominiums, which are multi-unit dwellings, the part time helper Singapore may need you to provide them a clearance to enter the premises. Town houses, on the other hand, may be charged more since they are relatively bigger compared to apartment and condos. Same goes with landed residential units, which usually have more rooms, larger living areas and kitchens, and can even have a yard to tend.

5.      Ask for payment schemes. Before hiring a part time helper Singapore, ask the company for available payment methods. Can you pay thru credit card or debit card? Must you pay before the cleaning service or after? Do they have packages for regular cleaning schemes? Don’t hesitate to ask for discounts as most managers can give them to any customers.


Quick Scheduling and Turnaround Time

Like most busy homeowners, you may consider time as gold. That is why you may need your part time helper Singapore to have a quick scheduling scheme and fast turnaround time as well. You may also want to consider the number of hours they will need to finish the work since you are most likely to stay home while they do their job or have someone you trust to come over. When choosing a cleaner, consider the one that can adjust with your schedule and availability. It must be the cleaners who will adjust to your needs and not the other way around. That is the main reason why you want to hire a cleaner, right? So, let your cleaning company know your time preferences and let them work their way around it. Convenience should be on you and not theirs.


Great Customer Care

Another thing that you should consider when choosing a part time helper Singapore is a great customer service. The company must do its best to provide excellent service to its customers. You must be able to contact them anytime and ask anything - inquiries, quotations, and even for complaints! The company must always be available for any concern involving their services. Check if the cleaning company has a chat service, 24-hour telephone hotline, or a physical office that you can visit in case something came up.  Customer service must be the number 1 priority of any company, including your chosen part time helper Singapore.


Various Services that Part Time Cleaner Singapore Can Provide

When staffed with good and well-trained professional cleaners, services that part time helper Singapore can include regular weekly cleanings, regular twice-weekly cleaning, one-time cleaning that is usually done during special occasions, and other one-time cleaning projects like moving-in, moving-out, and end of contract lease cleaning.


Service Options That a Part Time Cleaner Singapore Provides

A typical part time helper Singapore has pre-screened workers for various cleaning needs. Most of the companies provide full insurance that covers your home while they clean it. A typical cleaning package includes:

●       Cleaning of kitchen areas, bathrooms, living area, bedrooms

●       Sanitizing of kitchen areas, bathrooms, living area and bedrooms

●       Vacuuming of nooks and crannies, including ceiling and carpets

●       Dusting and wiping

●       Polishing of furniture and wooden floors

●       Changing of bed linens

●       Dishwashing


You may also request for the part time helper Singapore to do the laundry and iron your clothes for you for a minimal charge. Moving furniture, cleaning of light fixtures, cleaning the windows, drapery, and carpet may also need additional charge. You may also request for upholstery cleaning and waxing of the floors. Your part-time cleaner Singapore may also do garage cleaning for you, as well as post moving in or after-construction clean up.