How to book a regular session with Kleepers?

Felt our cleaning was excellent and want to book a regular session? It's easy. Follow these steps..


1. Select your preferred regular package at the start of the booking system.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.15.11 PM.png

2. Add in the 'code' provided after the purchase. Based on the purchased package, select the number of hours to book.

Screen Shot 2017-07-30 at 7.15.11 PM.png

3. Select your preferred day and time for the first session. Be sure to select 'Schedule Regular Cleaning' after you have selected the time.

Regular booking step2

4. When the light box appears, ensure these options are correctly selected:

Step 1 - Choose the frequency - You decide a weekly or fortnightly cleaning session. If none of these suits you, go straight to Step 4!
Step 2 - Choose the number of recurring times. (Your package has a total of 5 sessions each time you purchase)
Step 3 - Once completed, click on 'Add Recurring Times'
Step 4 - If you are looking to book another session on another day/ or time of the week, use this option to do so.

Regular booking step3

5. All the selected timing will be reflected at the bottom of the calendar. Select 'Continue'

Regular booking step 4

6. Fill in your details and make the payment! You will be receiving emails and SMS notifications for the bookings. Reminders will be sent out to you 1-day in advanced! 

Regular booking Step 5

It's simple right? If you need further help, contact us at 

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