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Home Cleaning Made Easy!

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How are we different?

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Our Helpers

Here at Kleepers, we believe in being different. Unlike most regular cleaning companies that hire freelance cleaners without proper training, we believe in providing top quality cleaning service to our customers in Singapore. That is why each individual goes through a selection process before we equip them with the necessary skills involved in cleaning modern homes. Our in-house training program for our helpers is specially designed by our Taiwanese & Japanese partners. To add on, our helpers also follow a proper cleaning protocol when we visit your home. So whenever you schedule an appointment with us, you can be sure to expect excellent results every single time.

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Quick scheduling & save time

We are home owners too, and we understand the hassle of scheduling a cleaning appointment. It starts with numerous phone calls to enquire on rates and availability, and then making sure someone is home so that they can pass the money to the cleaners once the job is done. We believe that this process can be so much more efficient. Our solution? A simple scheduling app that allows you to book a professional cleaning at the touch of a button. Our prices are transparent and payment can be made securely online. Leave the cleaning to us while you take on the important things in life.

Expect to see a much better version of this very soon!

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Customer Service

As much as we think that we have it all worked out, we also believe in constantly improving and refining our cleaning services in Singapore. And that is where you, our customers, Yes YOU! You play a huge part in this. By providing us with your opinions and feedback, you are giving us a chance to improve and serve you better in future. So if there is anything about our service that are not satisfied with, or if you felt that one of our helpers went out their way and made your day, make sure to let us know!

You drop us a note via our contact form or an email and we will be sure to respond!


How to book?

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1. Use our online scheduling system to fill in your your information and preferred timings.

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2. Make payment securely online. You can pay via Paypal or credit/debit card via Stripe.

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3. You will receive an SMS and Email notification upon a successful booking. You will also receive a reminder 1-day before the scheduled appointment. 

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4. Sit back while we work our magic!

Regular Cleaning Services in Singapore


5. Contact us to provide feedback and let us know how it went!